How to Choose a car?

Everyone should consider four factors when buying a car: price, appearance, function and quality.

I. Price: 6 issues to consider:

-The Price of the car itself: there are MSRP Price and Invoice Price

-Consumption tax and license tax and other fees: these can be found on the Internet. Note that consumption tax rates vary from state to state, depending on where you have your driver's license. If you buy a car out of state, it will be taxed in the state where you got your driver's license, not the state where you bought it.

-Options for the car: larger wheel hubs, etc.

-Insurance: as a major expense after buying a car, we must consider in advance. Generally, the more expensive the car insurance is, the higher the price is. After confirming the alternative model, we can consult the insurance company.

-Gas: Postage is also a long-term expense, especially in places like California where gas costs are high.

-Maintenance and depreciation: this is related to the model, the cost of common models is generally low, if you want to personality points or buy luxury cars, the cost is relatively high.

II.Appearance considerations

Every man has his hobbyhorse. But according to the data, red cars are more likely to get ticketed in the United States


In terms of functions, each brand of car has its own unique features, such as the safety of Subaru, the driving pleasure of BMW, the comfort of Volvo and so on. In addition, different years and different models of cars have different features. Please check the Internet more before you buy a car, to find the most suitable for your needs.

IV. Quality 

This is mainly related to maintenance costs and the residual value of future turnover. What can be referred to is the ranking of some professional websites  Although it is not absolutely necessary to listen to them, the brands and models that often rank high must be guaranteed.

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