About Dearmotor



Peter Lolita takes his newly married wife to a faraway island for vacation, but the car breaks down in various ways during the journey, which makes it impossible for them to continue the journey. It took them two days to drag the car to the town's repair shop, during which they quarreled, complained, accused and walked away alone...But love will tolerate imperfect, everything is the best arrangement. It was the imperfect car trip that made their love even stronger,they lauched the brand-Dearmotor.



Dearmotor designs and creates premium vehicle decoration items, electronics, auto refits, car beauty, safety kits, as well as a wide range related automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories. Through these world class offerings, Dearmotor has effectively developed in design, performance and safety and has introduced a new generation of products. 



Dearmotor firmly believes that success is driven by innovation and attention to detail. In-house Industrial Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and testing teams only scratch the surface of how deep our innovation goes.

Our culture and success are built on an unwavering loyalty to 1 guiding principle: Make all customers satisfied. Dearmotor care all your voices. If you meet any problems, contact us immediately.