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4 PCS Nano Sparkle Magic Scratch Remover for Car Paint Scratch

Color: Black 4 Pcs

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  • 1. The car scratch remover cloth is mainly for the treatment of lacquer micro-marks (such as nail marks, shallow scratches, sand wear marks, etc.).
  • Deeper scratches (not hurting the paint) can also have a certain degree of lightening effect by rubbing hard for a few minutes.
  • 2. Clean the scratched surface before use. After the surface is dry,
  • take out the repairing cloth and wipe the scratch, rubbing it until the scratch disappears.
  • 3. The car scratch remover cloth can be used repeatedly for about 15 times.
  • If the force is heavy, just push the repair cloth in the same place and polish it with a dry cloth to restore the original luster.
  • 4. If the repairing cloth falls on the ground and sticks to dust and sand, please do not use it again to avoid 2 scratches.
  • Do not wash, if you feel that the repair cloth is too dry,
  • spray a small amount of water. After use, put it in the bag and keep it sealed.
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