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Breathable Wooden Bead Car Waist Pillow Seat Cushion Support Cover Summer

Breathable Wooden Bead Car Waist Pillow Seat Cushion Support Cover Summer

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R-7276 Car Seat Cover Descriptions

Main Features:
1. It is woven with two layers of ice silk, which is refreshing and pleasant without peculiar smell.
2. The surrounding frame adopts high elastic steel wire frame, which is full of flexibility and keeps the shape unchanged.
3. The outside of the frame is wrapped in light gray suede, which has a delicate touch and is easy to clean.
4. The back of the waist rest is woven with wire mesh to ensure that the entire waist rest is flat and uniform.
5. It relieves you from driving fatigue. Its mesh design is ventilated and cool.
6. Easy to use, just put it on the seat when using.
7. GM models.

  • Product name: Wooden bead waist support
  • Fixing method: elastic tape
  • Suitable models: car, home, office use; general-purpose type (recommended for one car with two)
  • Product features: Designed for the body to drive, work for a long time, fatigue and back pain. The elastic band of the waist can be fixed on the seat, and the curvature can be adjusted freely according to personal preference.

Installation Notes:
1. Easy to install, just put it on the seat directly
2. General purpose, suitable for family cars

Cleaning Method:
1. Choose neutral or low-alkaline detergents, which do not contain chlorine bleaching ingredients;
2. The water temperature should be 30 degrees Celsius;
3. Avoid rubbing vigorously when washing, especially avoid using hard brushes;
4. It can be washed and dried, and it can be dried by a dehydrator. After being flattened by hand, it can be hung to dry. Do not wring out.



Type: Cushions And Pillows
Material: Mesh Cloth,Metal

Dimensions and Weight

Package weight: 0.4600 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 41.00 x 40.00 x 1.00 cm / 16.14 x 15.75 x 0.39 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 43.00 x 42.00 x 3.00 cm / 16.93 x 16.54 x 1.18 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Seat Cover