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Car Air Bed Camping Outdoor Back Durable Seat

Car Air Bed Camping Outdoor Back Durable Seat

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Color: As Shown
Surface Material: Flocking fabric
Dimension: 52*10.8 * 13 inches/ 130*27* 33 cm (after inflating)
fit for most household sedan and some SUV, can hold up to 300kg.

When you sleep in the car backseat for the long-distance driving, inflating it to fill the gap between the rear and the front row, you will not worry about the roll problem (especially for kids).
The surface of the gap pad is made of sleek black flocked material which is extremely soft and comfortable. The rear is made of oxford fabric, waterproof, anti-dust, easy to clean.
Using an electric pump which connects to the car lighter socket providing quick and easy inflation within 2-3 minutes and the gap pad doesn't take up much space when stored away.
After inflating, it can fill entire car backseat area including the floor space, which provides a comfortable space for kids and adults to rest when driving.

Package Includes:
1*Gap padding

1. This product can not be used in water.
2. Please do not make it touch cigarette or any sharp objects.
3. There is an air inlet, a black bung and a leak proof cap in the airbed to avoid leakage.
4. Don’t be inflated too full. After 10 hours of inflation, a natural leak is normal phenomenon, please inflate it again for a comfortable use.

Packing list

1 X Air cushion