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Car Baseball Anti-theft Steering Wheel Lock Double Slots

Car Baseball Anti-theft Steering Wheel Lock Double Slots

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Product Name: Car Baseball Anti-theft Lock

product description:



1. Made of high-quality steel, very strong and durable;

2. The lock bar is soft;

3. Applicable to most vehicles;

4. The lock cylinder adopts a new type of flower lock and a special tubular locking structure to prevent technical opening;

5. Simple and easy to lock.

Instructions for use Locking: Pull up the handbrake after stopping the vehicle. Align the opening of the baseball lock body with the steering wheel;

Clamp the opening of the lock body on the steering wheel, and then turn it clockwise until it is turned to the end, which is the lock.

Unlock: Insert the key into the key hole and rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise, and then rotate the lock handle counterclockwise.

6. Car anti-theft, personal defense