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Car Central Control Panel Door Handle Stickers Decals


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Before buying, please make sure whether your car is left-hand drive or right-hand drive!
This product is only suitable for right-hand drive!
Material: vinyl film.
Colour:3D carbon fiber black / 3D carbon fiber black
Waterproof, Fade-resistant, Self-adhesive, Easy to install, Strong visual effect, easy cleaning & maintenance.
1. Clean panel to paste and let dry before pasting.
2. Spray water on vinyl decals
3. Install the sticker on your car and adjust accordingly, cut off the extra part if any.
4. Scrap off water from vinyl with a scraper.
5.Fix and fasten the edge by blowing with a hair dryer or heat guns.
1.When you receive your vinyl kit, please open the package, it might fold the normal and will not affect the use of the vinyl sticker.
2.You can use hair dryer or heat guns to blow on the film to make it soften, then stick it on your car panels of your car interios.
Package Included:
1 X Full Set
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