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Car Drill Brush Attachment Electric Drill Brushes Cleaning Tools 4 Pieces

Car Drill Brush Attachment Electric Drill Brushes Cleaning Tools 4 Pieces

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  • 1.Material: The bristles of the brush attachment are made of PP, therefore brushes are wear-resistant and heat-resistant as well as with the good cleaning performance.

  • 2.Good cleaning performance: With the drill brush you can remove the stains in many places, e.g. bath tub, wash basin in the bathroom, wash basin, wall in the kitchen, tiles, flooring, carpet in the living room and wheel hubs of cars. They fit a lot of objects and places.

  • 3.4 pieces to choose from: Drill brush attachment set is equipped with 4 brushes of different sizes, 2 "/ 3.5" / 4 "/ 5". Depending on the objects you want to clean, you can choose the right brush to clean and wipe things like stains, iron rust, moss.

  • 4.Easy to assemble: The connection part of the drilling machine brush attachment is a hexagon screw, you only need to insert the brush attachment into the drilling machine. Then it can work.

  • 5.Compatibility: The brush attachments are compatible with most cordless screwdrivers or drills. You can plug the brushes directly into the cordless screwdriver without needing an adapter, so that you can clean easily and cheaply.



Brush Handle Type

Hex Head Bolt



Bristle material





2 "/ 3.5" / 4 "/ 5"

  • Note:
  • The hardness of the bristles is different:
  • White is the softest and cleans soft materials such as car seat carpets.
  • Black is the hardest, suitable for more stubborn stains or metal materials.
  • The hardness of blue, red, yellow, and green is moderate, the purpose is the same, and it is suitable for most cleaning.
  • Package Included:

  • 4 X Brush Attachment For Cordless Screwdriver

  • (Note: The drill is not included.)