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Car Magnet Windshield Car Cover Sun Snow Ice Frost Wind Winter Protector

color: black
size: 210*120cm

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  • Name: Magnetic car front windshield snow / frost cover
  • Function: Snow / frost protection / anti-haze / sun protection
  • Material: polyester umbrella cloth
  • Color: black (silver back) 
  • Weight: about 0.16kg
  • Each product has six magnets, which can be adsorbed to the car shell (firstly make sure your car shell is iron)
  • Product Size: about 210 * 120cm (length * width)/82.68 * 47.24in
  • Uses: general models
  • This magnetic car front windshield snow cover is suitable for most car models, such as two-compartment vehicle,three-compartment vehicle, SUV.  
  • Usages: 
  • Spring: protect car from sandstorm, dust, pollen, tree oil, bird droppings, insects, ants and animal claws; 
  • Summer: UV protection, radiation protection, anti-acid rain, anti-exposure,paint protection, preventing car from turning gray and white, prevent interior leather and decoration from being dry and fragile; 
  • Autumn: frost-proof, dew-proof ; 
  • Winter: rain-proof and snow-proof 
  • A) Prevent the front windshield from being frozen, so you do not need to use the air conditioner to blow the windshield, which can help you to save gas! 
  • B) Prevent the front windshield from being frozen, dust and fog, which can effectively extend the service life of the wiper ! 
  • C) Save you time from waiting the frost to melt, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly!

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