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Car Microfiber Polisher Bonnets Polishing Pads Wax Wash Buffer 10 Pcs

Color: Blue

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  •  High quality: The microfiber cap is made of high-strength, high-density microfiber material and quite soft synthetic wool material; compared with cotton, these cushion covers will not mold or rot in a humid environment. Its service life is more than 4 times that of ordinary towels.
  •  Elastic design: Elastic belt edge, adjustable tightness, can be used on different track buffers, firmly fixed around the buffer without slipping. Very suitable for 9 to 10 inch car polishers. If the polisher is small, the valve cover will expand.
  •  Easy to use: The elastic band edge can be reused. Just cover the car polisher gently. The design of the polishing pad cover is elastic and has great elasticity, which can be used to adjust the fastening and diameter. Inch car polisher. If the polisher is small, the valve cover will expand.
  •  Multifunctional: The pad cover of the car polishing machine is equipped with different material covers, which can realize waxing, cleaning and polishing functions. The soft material will not hurt the paint. Mainly used in the final polishing process of various furniture, car paint, solid wood, stone, manufacturing, metal, bronze, wood paint, interior design, high-end kitchen utensils, musical instruments, etc., especially the polishing of surfaces and parts.
  •  Safe: Lint-free Microfiber and soft synthetic fleece materials is safe on paint and other delicate surfaces. It prevents cloth fibers from sticking to your freshly cleaned car.
  • Product size: 9-10 inches
  • Type: Polishing and waxing cover
  • Quantity: 10



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