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Car Modified Radio Antenna Signal for Universal Automobiles

Car Modified Radio Antenna Signal for Universal Automobiles

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Height: 65mm / 2.6 inch

Width: 70mm / 2.8 inches

Length: 160mm / 6.3 inches

Color: black, gray, silver, white

Material: ABS Material


This can increase the signal, a spare antenna for you, and decoration for the purpose, allowing the vehicle more brilliant.

Easily Setup / No Drilling Required. This shark is in FM / AM connection cable with the Awesome Antenna. Make the car cool and distinctive.

The design is incredible, transaction-conscious and modern. Durable, classic, handy and beautiful.

Fitment: Suitable for universal automobiles


Make sure that the vehicle body, with a clean towel, is not found water, oil and other debris.

After the body of the vehicle with a hair dryer, dry or lighter to heat the glue behind a product, and then align the corresponding position as published until the original vehicle. You need to use the product after pasting, to ensure full access to plastic surface and wetting.

The product is not in contact with the part then glued in 24 hours before the water demand and larger powder to ensure they stick to the best.

NOTE: If the size of the original antenna is larger than the size of the base below, this shark antenna does not fit the car. Package includes: 1x Shark fin antenna