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Car Phone Magnetic Wireless Adjustable Charger

Car Phone Magnetic Wireless Adjustable Charger

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1. Dual-purpose home and car, one-handed holding and placing, driving safer.

2. Folding storage, not occupying space, not blocking the line of sight.

3. It can be rotated 360 degrees, and the angle can be adjusted freely.

4. Support 15W fast charge, magnetic positioning charging does not fall, Apple 12 series animation pops-up window.

5. The metal material is more stable, and the bottom is made of transparent acrylic silicone, leaving no residual glue.



 Folding Magnetic Wireless Charging Phone Holder






 Aluminum alloy +32*N52 magnet +PCB electronic material

Input power

 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A

Output power


Sensing range


Color box size


Single weight

 150g (including color box)


1. This product has built-in 32 N52 magnets and wireless charging transmitter. It is suitable for wireless charging and charging of Apple 12 series mobile phones. It can also be used for all Android phones that support wireless charging. The free magnet ring is centered on the back of the phone, such as It is recommended to use the mobile phone protective case to stick the magnet ring on the outside of the mobile phone case.

2. The product shell is made of metal material. In case of summer exposure, the temperature rise is a natural phenomenon. It is recommended to adjust the product to 270 degrees and aim at the air outlet to blow the air, and then use the wireless charging function after the temperature drops.

Package Included:

2 X Wireless Charging Phone Holder