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Car Phone Mount Adjustable Universal Holder

Car Phone Mount Adjustable Universal Holder

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Universal for Smartphones/iPhones

Width 1.75" to 3.75"

This heavy-duty car mount uses your Cup Holder to keep your phone secure and at close range. Insert the base into your car's cup holder. Turn dial and the base will gradually expand - this ensures the base will be ultra secure and not rattle around.

The gooseneck arm is made of flexible steel. You can flex the position to your preference. Insert your phone between the side arms. You can adjust the width based on your device. Flip out the bottom feet 90 degrees for added stability.

The side arms will expand and contract so you can mount many different devices such as smartphone, iPhone, MP3 player, GPS, etc. The minimum width is 1.75" and the maximum width is 3.75". The ability to customize the size makes this compatible with virtually any cell phone.

The phone holder portion of the mount will turn/lock in different positions 360 degrees via ball joint. Our iPhone looks really cool when displayed horizontal - great position to utilize GPS or watch videos or navigate though music player.

This is ideal for phones equipped with GPS and or music players. Now you can keep your device close to you and at a convenient view. Also great for hand-free use with: Bluetooth headset, wired headset, speakerphone, turn-by-turn navigation, car charger or music transmitter. Many state laws require hands-free use of the phone in the car. Be safe and obey the law with a brand new car mount!

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Adjustable Arms Fit Any Smartphone Up to 3.75" Width
  • ADJUSTABLE: Side Arms Expand/Contact so You Can Customize The Fit On Your Device - Fits Virtually All Phones
  • DRIVE SAFE, OBEY HANDS-FREE LAWS: Unlike Other Mounts, Placement in Cup Holder Will Provide Unobstructed View of the Road Ahead
  • FEATURES: Flexible Steel 8" Long Neck, Ball Joint Offers 360 Rotation; Turn Dial and Base Will Expand to Fit Any Traditional Cup Holder
  • BRAND NEW IN RETAIL PACKAGE - This Universal Accessory Makes a Great Gift