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Car Portable Air Purifier Mini Cleaner Sterilization

Car Portable Air Purifier Mini Cleaner Sterilization

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* Exclusive Dual Sterilization: While the air purifier works to clean the air, the UV Ultraviolet Disinfection system kills the bacteria, reaching a sterilization rate of 99.9%.

* Quiet Design: Reduce the noise, as low as 30dB, so that you can do what you like in a quiet indoor environment.

* Portable and USB-Powered: The Air Purifier has the same size as water bottle with the size of 2.48x6.49 inches, perfectly fit into the car or your bag. Not only for car, you can put it in any small rooms, desk, bedroom, toilet or your office. Powered by laptop,power bank or wall outlet via USB cable connect.Very convenient to use.



 Stainless Steel Painted

Rated Power


Rated Frequency


Rated Voltage


Power Supply

 USB Powered




 Approx. 63x165mm/2.48x6.49 inch


1. Before you use our product, please place it on solid platform or fluted spot.

2. Please do not let the machine submerged in water, or let liquid flow into its internal part.

3. Our product is with the built-in efficient environmental protection filter, anion and LED ultraviolet ray.

4. For the shell cleaning, please use ethyl alcohol so as to prevent the filter from being contaminated.

5. For your safety, please do not disassemble our product.

Package Included:

1 X

 Portable Air Purifier

1 X

 USB Cable

1 X

 User Manual