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Car Scratch Removal Compound Repair DIY Polishing Care

Car Scratch Removal Compound Repair DIY Polishing Care

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  • Color and Luster Restoration: Repair compound works on that level to polish off stubborn dirt, scratches, and other blemishes via a special chemical reaction.
  • Polishes and Protects: Has special decomposition grind sand that quickly removes scratches by deep polishing on a microscopic level, while leaving a protective layer.
  • Non-Damaging: Does not damage your car’s paint job, unlike other repair product that contains corrosive chemicals and ingredients.
  • Multi-Purpose: Not just remove light scratches but also stubborn stains, dirt, and even rust.


  • Ingredients: Abrasive Materials, Surface Active Agent, Filling Agent
  • Weight: 30g
  • Size: (Foam Dimension) 8.8cm X 3cm X 3cm

Package Included:

  • 1*30ml Car Scratch Removal
  • 1*sponge