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Car Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Portable Wet and Dry Dual User


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  • Multi-purpose accessories, accessories with a variety of brush heads, can clean every corner of the car seat, gaps, floor mats, trunk
  • Strong suction seconds to clean, can absorb all kinds of debris, coins, soot, water stains, etc.
  • 120W high power, automatic adjustment motor, long-term use does not heat, good stability
  • Low noise operation, double noise reduction, quiet vacuuming, 4 meter extension cable, more convenient to use.
  • Product parameters:
  • Vacuum cleaner voltage: 12V
  • Power: 120W
  • Power cord: 4M
  • Size: length 39* width 11* height 9 (cm)
  • Style: cigarette lighter battery
  • Extension cord accessories: flat mouth suction / EVA hose / brush / connector
  • Product color: black / black orange / white black
  • 1.When the vacuum cleaner is not working,please check the plug is in good contact,check the plug fuse is it disconnected?
  • 2.The vacuum cleaner can only use DC power 12V,and it must not use other power sources.
  • 3.Vacuuming can not be used continuously for more than 15 minutes,they need to be suspended for 1 to 2 minutes to continue to continue their use,otherwise it is easy to burn out the motor.
  • 4.To clean the vacuum cleaner filter,otherwise it will affect the vacuum effect.
  • 5.The filter can be cleaned and used repeatedly.
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