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Car Windscreen Universal Magnetic HalfCover Sun Snow Ice Frost Wind Protector

Car Windscreen Universal Magnetic HalfCover Sun Snow Ice Frost Wind Protector

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Windshield сover for snow and ice eliminates the pain of scraping and brushing off ice during chilly mornings and keeps your car's windshield protected from snow. Windshield cover for snow and ice also protects windshield wipers and the wiper fluid from clogging.


EXTREME PERFORMANCE: Our windshield snow cover eliminates the hassles of winter weather! It works as a windshield snow cover and ice and frost windshield cover. Just lift it off after bad weather, and you're ready to drive! And it also reduces fuel expense by eliminating the need to defrost every morning.

UNIQUELY WINDPROOF DESIGN: This magnetic windshield snow cover has 4 ultra powerful rare earth N52 MAGNETS in the edges, 2 special WEBBING WINDPROOF STRAPS attach to Wheels and ANTI-THEFT SIDE WINGS to make sure the cover stay securely in place in strong winds.

UNIVERSAL SIZE: Measures 84.5x59x49.2 inches (top, bottom, side) and virtually fits almost any car whether compact car, mid-size or full size sedan, SUV, van, or pickup truck. Great for almost any make and model vehicle.

HAND MADE & TOP QUALITY: This cover is hand made and made of heavy duty water resistant materials of great durability. 

EASY TO INSTALL AND STORE: This windshield snow cover is easy to install, fold and store. It's lightweight and can easily fold into mirror pockets or anywhere in your car for easy storage. With its adjustable straps, installation can also be done just in a blink. 

No More Frozen Fingers From This Winter!

Are you also annoyed of scraping and brushing off ice from your windscreen every morning?

Do you have to waste a lot of fuel while defrosting the snow every morning?

Take this windshield snow&ice cover, to scraping ice and snow from your car windshield!

This smart windshield snow cover could make your life so much easier.

♦ Protect your windshield and eliminates the need to scrape off ice during cold winter mornings.

♦ Reduce the fuel expense by eliminating the need to defrost.

♦ Protect your windshield wipers and the wiper fluids from clogging.

♦ Keep the car away from leaves, dust and bird droppings in autumn and spring.

♦ The silver side of the cover can protect your car from strong sunshine and UV rays


Perfect size and better material

85"x 49" suitable for most of small cars or ordinary cars. Made of 210T denier polyester fabric, more durable, more waterproof, more sun and UV protection.

Package Included:

1X Windshield Cover Snow and Ice