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Car Windshield Awning Cartoon Design Front Car Windshield Curtain

Car Windshield Awning Cartoon Design Front Car Windshield Curtain

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Product Description

Is it necessary to maintain sun protection inside the car?
Newly designed car windshield awning!

The best way to protect the inside of your car, truck or SUV.
Keep the internal cooler of the vehicle in a fun way. Very suitable for those who love vehicles!

99% of customers will pay attention to the following issues:

1. How to determine whether the sun shade is suitable for your car?
Answer: The size of this awning is 59 inches x 33 inches.
Our car sun shade is suitable for most size cars. If the sun shade is a little bigger than your car windshield, please rest assured, our sun shade has soft edges and the middle part is also very soft, you can adjust it to fit your car! Hope it can help you :)

2. Is there any way to persevere? Prevent it from falling.
Answer: The sun visors on both sides will support the awning, which will keep it in good condition and play an outstanding role.

3. How to fold?
Answer: First put the two circles together, and then try to fold one third of the circle by pushing both sides to the center. Once you have obtained a smaller circle, then reverse another third part.
In other words, you need to fold it into 3 small circles.

Package Included:

1 car sun blind
1 x storage bag