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Mini Car Fan USB Rechargeable Shaking Head Folded

Mini Car Fan USB Rechargeable Shaking Head Folded

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1. Mini and compact, can't block the sight when driving

2. The structure of five-blade turbine fan + air guide hood, the air volume is concentrated without overlapping, and the blowing is more powerful

3. Encrypted grid, uniform air supply, safety protection

4. Multi-angle rotation at will, the fan head can be adjusted left and right, can stand or lie down, wide-angle air supply, easy to use

5. Double-sided tape installation, simple and convenient, does not hurt the car



 Car fan



Wind Speed

1/2/3 Gear Switch


 about 285g


 about 9x10.5x5 cm

Installation method

 double-sided adhesive paste

Applicable models

 5V USB plug (for car, home, office use)

 12V cigarettes lighter plug (applicable to a battery model, such as: household cars, small van, etc.)

 24V cigarettes lighter Plug (applicable to two battery models, such as:trucks, trucks, forklifts, etc.)

Installation Steps:

1. Tear off the double-sided adhesive sticker

2. Stick the double-sided tape on the bottom of the fan

3. Tear off the sticker surface at the bottom of the fan

4. Slightly press on a stable place on the dashboard

5. Just plug in the cigarettes lighter port/USB socket

Package Included:

1 X

 Car Fan

1 X

 Power Supply