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Mini Car GPS Tracker Locator Anti-Lost Recording Small Tracking Device

Mini Car GPS Tracker Locator Anti-Lost Recording Small Tracking Device

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Main Features


  • 1. Two-Way audio spy device.
  • 2. GSM voice/Audio monitor.
  • 3. Excellent standby and working time.
  • 4. Prominent sound quality.
  • 5. Voice activation, you can call back your phone automatically when the sound rise up to 45DB.
  • 6. 100% Original chip and PCB board.
  • 7. With 2 Mi Holes, it has larger sound volume.
  • 8. Super mini size, easy to carry.

Work frequency(850/900/1800/1900MHz): Tracker
Excellent stand by and working time GSM Alarm System.
Prominent sound quality makes it more reliable.
Start up: Open the back cover. SIM card in the card slot will automatically on. The light will be on for 3 seconds. After the lights go off, you can dial the SIM card number and track the GPS.
Installation: Please confirm the GSM network signal strength to ensure the normal use.
Setting: Call the SIM card number with mobile phone or telephone, then hang up, and setting is finished.
Voice function: Send 1111 message to the SIM card number then voice control is opened; Send 0000 message to the sim card number then voice control is closed.
The flash of red light indicates the SIM card is correctly inserted. SIM will completed initialization and maintain in stand-by status and the light will be off and it is all set.
Dial the SIM card number, you could hear the sound around the SIM card.
Charging method: When the device is fully charged, only red LED light is on. The green LED light will be off.


  • Power Supply: 24 hours ongoing
  • Card Compatible: GSM / SIM
  • Microphone Range (Meter): 5~7(Radius)
  • Receive Sensitivity: -+10K
  • Working Temp: -40~50
  • Responding Frequency: 1.2K~800Khz
  • Stand-by Time: Support voice control with 3-5 days, 10-15 days without voice control
  • Working Time: 5 hours
  • All GSM SIM card can be compatible.
  • Work frequency(850MHz ,900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz).
  • Please check if it can work with your local system format before purchasing.

Packaging List:
1 * Locator
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Original Box
(SIM Card and SD Card are not included.)