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Motorcycle Bicycle Scooter Lock With Steel Wire Cable PIN Lock Carabiner

Motorcycle Bicycle Scooter Lock With Steel Wire Cable PIN Lock Carabiner

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  • Having the High quality metallic carabiner combination PIN lock, your helmet will NOT get stolen.
  • It is small & light (11cm x 6cm) to easily tuck into your pocket or belt bag and carry around.
  • The lock core is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable. The lock body is made of zinc alloy. The lock beam is high-strength steel cable.
  • Elastic rope, protected by 49 steel wires at the same time, with protective protection PVC coating to prevent damage to your bike or helmet.
  • The locks can be perfectly used to secure your bags, suitcases, baby stroller, and more. And it can works with all full face and half face helmets for Motorcycles, ATV, Moped, Scooters, Mountain Bike, Bicycles.


  • Material: zinc alloy, steel wire
  • Weight: about 86g
  • Features: small size, easy to carry, three-digit password, high security.
  • Color: black, silver

Package included:
  • 1*Helmet Lock
  • 1Cable

Password setting method:
1. The initial password of the combination lock is 000. Align the "0" on the three wheels with the middle line.
2. When the lock is unlocked, press the password setting button with the tip of the pen tip, and keep it still until the setting is completed. Turn the number wheel to set your new password to align the number with the indication line.
3. Release the button to return it to the normal position, and the new password can be set successfully.