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Motorcycle Helmet Rain Wiper Adjustable Waterproof Charger

Motorcycle Helmet Rain Wiper Adjustable Waterproof Charger

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1. [General type]: General Motorcycle Helmet Electric Wiper Motor Helmet Windshield Wiper is compatible with most sun visors.

2. [More convenient]: Waterproof, electric wipers, provide convenience for your travel, and solve the problem of riding on rainy days.

3. [Application]: Suitable for most motorcycle and electric vehicle helmets. It can be used even if the mirror is flat.

4. [Excellent quality]: Excellent materials and unique design make you stand out on the road.

5. [Easy to install]: The product installation is very convenient, no additional tools are needed, and the installation process is very convenient. Description: This kind of electric windshield wiper is suitable to be installed on the helmet to help clear the rain and make the ride view clear.




 Motorcycle helmet electric wiper





Charging power supply

 5V 1A

Rated working voltage


Rated power


Battery capacity


Battery life

 Approx. 6 hours

Packing weight





Installation Notes:

1. Paste directly

2. Screw fixation


Produce Included:

1 X

 Helmet rain wiper

1 X

 Fixed frame (with fixed glue)

1 X


1 X

 Installation accessories

1 X

 Charging cable