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Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Battery Booster Power Tools

Portable Car Jump Starter Emergency Battery Booster Power Tools

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1. 1500A Peak Current

It can start gasoline vehicles with a displacement of less than 5.7L and diesel vehicles with a displacement of less than 4.0L.

2. Spare Digital Power Bank

Intelligent current recognition mobile phone / tablet intemal charging management chips,automatically adjust the output,compatible with a variety of device.

3. Advanced QC3.0 technology

Fast charging, compatible with fast charging 1.0 and fast charging 2.0 devices.

4. 2 LED Flashlight modes

LED strong light illuminator/SOS rescue light: switch between the two modes at will.

5. Temperature Protection

-20℃~60℃, it can still start normally under high and low temperature.

6. Ten core advantages,safe travel

Low voltage protection, high voltage protection, reverse charge protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, high temperature protection, identification resistance, overtime protection, over limit protection, voltage detection.

7. The Third Generation QDSP Smart Wire Clip

Protection upgrade , safety upgrade , automatic alarm when reverse connection.Novices can do it easily.

Note:The QDSP smart clamp is displayed between 14.0V and 16.8V . and there is no lighton the top of the display , indicating that the product can be used under normal conditions





Car Starter Power





Starting voltage


Starting current


Peak current


Charging method


USB output

5V/2.1A QC3.0

DC output


Cycle life

1000 times

Start displacement

5.7L gasoline car, 4.0L diesel car

Start Method:

When the battery is powered off, first connect the positive electrode and then the negative electrode; after starting, loosen the negative electrode and then the positive electrode. If the power loss is too serious, you need to remove the negative wire of the battery, and then connect the smart cable clip to the positive and negative poles, return to the car and start the car, you can easily start!

Package Included:

1 X

G20 Car Starter Power Supply

1 X

Smart Wire Clip

1 X

Three-In-One Data Cable

1 X

Hot Press Package

1 X

Packing Box