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Romantic Night Lamp Constellation Projector Outdoor Decoration Lights


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  • 1. Flexible setting and accurate positioning: a rotating base with compass point alignment, which can be set according to your location and the time of the year, so that it can project a clear night sky map around you.
  • 2. Create a warm atmosphere: This starry sky projector can easily avoid children's fear of darkness. The soft lighting casts stars and moon patterns on the walls, creating a warm atmosphere for the bedroom.
  • 3. Clear projection: Use this brand new starlight projector to project a map of the sky onto your ceiling and walls. The projection area is wide and clear, and you can see the starry sky at any time.
  • 4. Wide range of uses: very suitable for decorating weddings, birthdays, parties, opening ceremonies, and commercial promotions. Very suitable for romantic night lights and decorative lights
  • 5. Convenient to carry: light and portable, easy to carry, energy saving and environmental protection, safe to use.
  • Type name: Four Seasons Star Projection Lamp
  • Style: modern and simple
  • Light up parties in a unique way, brighten up your work space, or host a romantic dinner for two. Let it be a wonderful night! Stylish gift for the holiday.
  • Educational tools for children
  • It helps to educate children about our vast universe, promote the child's mental health, broaden his/her imagination, and encourage creativity.
  • safety lamp
  • The beautiful moon, stars and clouds will distract your child, but not too bright lights can calm the child down while still allowing the child to fall asleep.

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