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USB Charger with Car Mounting Handlebar

USB Charger with Car Mounting Handlebar

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1. Installation method: handlebar installation

2. Whether to light cigarettes: can light cigarettes without cigarettes butts

3. Scope of use: It can be installed on motorcycles/ATVs/electric vehicles with a handlebar diameter of about 2.2cm/0.87in

4. Uses: It can be used to power mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other electronic devices

5. Features: Flame-retardant, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durable and not easily deformed. Fast charging, multiple protection

6. Wiring instructions: The red wire is connected to the positive battery +, and the black wire is connected to the negative battery


1. 2A large current, can be used for mobile phones, tablets, navigation, GPS, etc.

2. With waterproof and dustproof cover, it is safer to use.

3. With charging power switch, ready to use, easy to use.

4. 130CM power cord, fully meet the installation requirements, can be directly installed on the battery, reducing the difficulty of installation.






Input voltage


Output parameter



 single port USB

Cable length

 about 130cm/51.18in

Package Included:

1 X USB Charger